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Best Online Casino Bonuses in Ireland

Jeremy Oberg
| Updated: October 13, 2022

It takes a lot to gamble in an online casino. Not only will you be parting away with your hard-earned cash, but you are also investing time and effort into the platform by playing their games. The least they can do in return is to provide you with the best online casino bonuses for your gameplay.

Although, as an Irish player, you are entitled to your share of bonuses and promotions, the casino still reserves the right to dish them out as they deem fit. There are so many different types of casino bonus offers, each with its own set of rules.

In this review, we will be discussing all the essential bonus terms and how to claim them.

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🔍 Guide to Online Casino Bonuses in Ireland

If you have ever been curious about casino bonuses Ireland, this exclusive review is for you. While playing in an online casino, you will come across many bonus offers. As a first-timer, you will be credited with a special type bonus; as an existing customer, you will be credited for using a specific deposit method, you will be credited; there is a wide spectrum of these casino bonuses.

As a newbie to the casino industry, all these details might sound confusing, especially when it’s time to deal with the wagering requirement. However, you don’t have to worry. We have done a lot of research to bring this review to you.

Here, you will learn about the best bonus, how to make a deposit, wagering requirements, free spins no deposit Ireland, and how bonus codes might be necessary for claiming the best Irish casino bonuses.

Let’s get into it.

🎁 How much of my deposit will the bonus match?

To drive traffic to their site, an online casino will sometimes make exaggerated claims on the type of online casino bonus they provide. These might not necessarily be lies but just deliberately misleading advertisements to make you think you will be getting more than they are currently giving.

This review is important because we will be listing some applicable examples of these exaggerations and then showing you the right way to calculate these casino offers to enhance your bankroll properly.

Let’s look at this casino case study: Get a 100% Match Upon your first deposit up to £100.

Due to how this match deposit bonus was worded, Irish players can easily mistake this to mean that they will be getting £100 on their first deposit. This is not true. The deposit bonus will be 50% of your initial deposit and not just a whopping credit of £100.

It is critical to always note the match percentage of every bonus, as this will help you properly figure out a working system, especially when it comes to paying back.

⬇ Are there any other important conditions?

Of course. Before casinos give you prizes, you should note that it has been carefully thought out. This ensures that both sides gain from the relationship as easily as possible.

The terms and conditions attached to these casino bonuses make sure that there is law and order within the virtual premises. The casino is also benefiting from the bonus they have awarded you.

Again, different casinos have different terms and conditions that apply to their casino offers, so you must read the fine prints immediately when you join a casino. Here are a few standard conditions that remain the same regardless of what platform you use:

  • Irish players must be above 18 to play casino games. The casino reserves the right to terminate your account if, upon review, they find out you faked your age just to get in.
  • Every bonus will remain unclaimed for seven days, after which it will be retrieved.
  • All wagering requirements must be met before bonus cash can be withdrawn as real money.
  • Every user is restricted to opening only one account in the same casino. If any foul play is detected, it will lead to a permanent closure of that account.

🚫 How strict or loose are the Wagering Requirements?

When it comes to playing games in new Ireland online casinos, the only goal is to make money. Even though these games can be interesting and addictive, we are all still playing to win.

When a casino gives you a bonus, be it reload or loyalty bonuses, the aim is to use this to spins or cash to play as many slots as you want to get lucky enough to win some money. One day, you will get a huge dose of luck and win, and then it’s time to withdraw your bonus as real money. Without meeting these wagering requirements, this would be impossible.

Just as different casinos have different bonuses, they also have different values for their wagering requirements. The only general rule is that these requirements are not strict. If you want to be able to withdraw your online bonus as real cash, you must adhere to the requirement.

To further simplify things, here is an example:

A casino gives you a free matched bonus of £50. You invest this money into a few slots and eventually win an extra £20. To withdraw, you are asked to adhere to a wagering requirement of x20; this simply means you will have to reinvest £20 x 20 = £400 into the casino account before your bonus money can be converted to real cash.

Wagering Requirements are not loose. They are very strict, and Irish players must check it out to be sure they can handle it before financially committing themselves to the casino.

🔝 How do I max out the value of my bonus?

If you do not understand bonuses, there will always be the probability that you are not making the most out of them. Cashbacks and match bonuses come with certain percentages that many people overlook. Only seasoned gamblers will take maximum advantage of this in boosting their bankroll.

For example, a casino offers a Match bonus of 100% on your first deposit. This is your time to take full advantage of their offer to enhance your gameplay.

If you make a first deposit of £20 into that casino, you will get a 100% match bonus of £20, which is quite small. Compared to when you make a deposit of £100 and get a match bonus of £100.

🏆 Most Popular Types of Online Casino Bonuses

There are different types of bonuses, and in this section, we will be going into thorough details on each one, what they are all about, and how to get them in an online casino. Let’s check it out.

✨ Welcome Bonus

If you join a new casino and don’t get a welcome offer, you should leave. That is how important this bonus is to you as a player. A welcome bonus is a token the casino gives to show appreciation for choosing and joining the site.

The competition in Ireland is high, and new casinos are being added to the rapidly growing population every day. To stay ahead and remain one of the top online casinos in Ireland, you must do so many things to make sure new customers get this casino bonus.

This welcome is heavily dependent on the amount of your deposit. Some players could win only spins, while some might win bonus cash, match bonuses, and extra spins due to their huge deposits.

✨ Free Spins Bonus

Free spins are versatile, making for a good Casino bonus. They can come included in almost any package and can serve both the low-budget players and the high-rollers in different ways. With these free spins, you stand a chance to play your favourite slots as many times as the bonus allows, all for risk-free gameplay.

Though these free spins are often limited to certain slots in a casino, it is highly beneficial, especially for the new gamblers, because it lets them have a feel of the casino before making any financial transactions. The reason why free spins are versatile is that their use can vary in casinos.

Sometimes, it might come as a welcome casino bonus package; other times, it might be part of the no deposit bonus offer or even the VIP prizes.

✨ Reload Bonus

This casino bonus is strictly for existing, loyal clients. As a welcome bonus shows appreciation to new clients, this reload bonus shows appreciation to existing players who have spent a lot of cash and effort betting on the site. Although, unlike the welcome casino bonus, these are given at a lower percentage.

Some casinos might decide to provide this bonus at the start of a new week; others might give it at the beginning of a new month. What matters, however, is that you do get these, as it is your right.

Here is how it works:

Assuming a casino makes an offer of a 40% reload bonus every week, this would mean that if you make a first deposit of £70, you will earn an extra £28.

✨ Loyalty Scheme

Only great casinos in Ireland understand the importance of treating their loyal clients properly. It is too easy for a player to log in to your site, take advantage of the welcome casino bonus, and disappear. Getting loyal gamblers who choose to stay on the site no matter what shouldn’t be taken for granted.

To show how appreciative they are, some casinos decide to develop a loyalty scheme where their clients can be enrolled to earn benefits according to the amount of effort they put in. This loyalty scheme consists of tiers, which could be four, five, or six, depending on the casino.

To move up the tier, you need to have accumulated a certain number of points. These are garnered by your wagers and bets. Simply, the more you bet, the faster you accumulate these, and the faster you go up the tier. Before you know it, you are in VIP enjoying amazing bonuses.

💰 VIP Bonuses

Those who have attained the highest tiers in the loyalty scheme are called the VIPs. This gambler must have made thousands of bets and spent so much time on the site to get to this stage. For those in this tier, the casino bonuses are endless.

These online casinos recognize the need to keep compensating their clients, and they have made the VIP prizes so juicy that every gambler would want to attain that level of loyalty in the club. You need to make money bets to earn loyalty scores; these can be converted to real money. Ironically, the higher you go up the tier, the more this conversion works in your favour.

Asides from this, these are a sneak peek of the benefits the top casinos have for their Irish VIP players:

  • 👌 Cash gifts
  • 👌 More free spins
  • 👌 Reasonable wagering requirements
  • 👌 Birthday gifts
  • 👌 Special contests
  • 👌 Electronic gifts
  • 👌 Special tournament invites
  • 👌 Trips
  • 👌 Sneak peek at new games

🤳 Mobile Casino Bonuses

The introduction of mobile gaming to the casino industry was a very welcomed event for so many reasons. These days, above everything else, gamblers are always on the lookout for convenience. Whether payment methods or in their gameplay, they always want comfort.

While desktops and computers are still very much in use, they do not offer the instant accessibility of mobile phones. To crown it up, there are several casinos online that offer you special casino bonuses.

This might come in free spins, bonus cash, or match deposits. Either way, this casino bonus is still very appreciated and is a good way to improve the use of mobile phones for gambling.

🔴 Live Casino Bonuses

For those who have never experienced live gambling before, this is the time to try it out. It is so different from playing traditional games in casinos that gamblers always confess that it can get quickly addicting. If you miss land-based casinos because of the thrill and live competition, you should think of playing live casino games before searching for one.

You have to visit one of these casinos, join the live stream, and voila, you’re sitting at a live table with a real dealer in front of you. As the excitement in these games isn’t enough, some casinos go ahead to make online bonuses available to those who want to play these games.

📢 Casino Promotions

These days, casinos understand the usefulness of promotions in driving traffic to their sites and are now fully invested in making this happen. Below, you will find several ways in which casinos make these promotions available for their clients:

  • Some casinos will provide you with a weekly or monthly bonus to enhance your gameplay
  • Throughout the year, you will receive seasonal gifts and bonus prizes as compensation
  • VIP deposit bonus scores will be given by casinos to those who are regular

🤝 Refer a Friend

To pull more traffic to their site, some casinos have resorted to using this method as an advertisement. There are several bonuses to be won by doing this, and the process is simple, so there is nothing to worry about.

When you visit a casino page, there is always the option to refer a friend. This can be done using your social media accounts. There is an option that lets you share the casino address on your accounts or to the contacts on your phone.

Once someone new registers at the casino using your referral link, you get a bonus. It could be in free spins, it could be in bonus cash, and will also come with its wagering requirements.

You might also need to follow the casino account on their socials for a more extensive bonus.

🧠 Understanding the 1st Deposit Bonus

The first deposit bonus is important in kick-starting your gameplay in your favourite casinos online. It is the first cash you pay into the casino and, in most cases, will unlock your first bonus. Most casinos operate using a match deposit, and sometimes this deposit is extended across your first five payments into the casino.

As a gambler, you have to make your first deposit count. Especially since the welcome bonus will be one of the most comprehensive packages you will ever get in the casino.

For instance: A platform offers to credit you a 100% match bonus on your first deposit. You already know that the higher you pay, the better your bonus. If you deposit £10, you will get £10. If you pay £100, you will get £100.

Remember that these bonuses come with wagering requirements that must be followed to get real money.

🏆 How do Free Spins Bonuses Work?

Bonus spins are a form of promotional offers that are a big deal in casinos online. They are in virtually every area, such as welcome bonuses, loyalty packages, reload bonuses, deposit bonuses, etc.

These bonus spins are a great way to test out the slot machines on a platform before investing your money. The website gives you a certain number of bonus spins for free, and you can use this to play as many slots as you want.

While these bonus spins are great, they are usually a marketing tactic and come with steep requirements in some cases. You should be careful about accepting it without considering all these.

💰 Receiving a Casino Bonus Without Depositing

This is one of the most sought-after bonuses in casinos online. The best Irish no deposit bonuses are very much appreciated because players do not have to make any financial investment before these bonuses are given to them.

These platforms have so many risks that players might be too sceptical to put cash into a new website.

With these bonuses, you can play as many games as possible without making any deposit. This way, you can check out the casino game graphics before investing.

👑 Advantages of Joining a VIP/Loyalty Programme

While it is advisable that you would want to try out so many different platforms to keep yourself entertained, it is always better to have a go-to gambling site where you are a loyal client. There are many benefits from joining a casino loyalty programme, especially if you’re a player who loves to wager regularly.

As a VIP member, you can save at least $20 worth of cash in bonuses and promotions every week. The best part is that the club doesn’t care whether you win or lose; they only consider your betting volume or deposit.

You will get a lot of rewards as a regular gambler, regardless of how much you have won. That’s another big bonus.

👀 Why you Should Always Read Casino Terms and Conditions

Many players are deceived by the glitz and glamour of an exaggerated bonus, and they rush to make a deposit just to claim this. When this is done, and it is time to withdraw their bonus as real cash, they are suddenly slammed with impossible requirements that must be sorted out in seven days; otherwise, they lose their bonus and cash.

This is the story of so many gamblers. They have lost so much money chasing after impossibilities just because they failed to read the terms and requirements. A casino would always put their terms in fine print because they know that gamblers would hardly read it, and they’re right more than half the time.

If you read a casino’s requirements, you will understand how their bonus system works before venturing. It is better you know beforehand than to be caught unaware.

🤔 How to Find and Compare the Best Casino Bonuses

As a gambler, you will come across different platforms offering different types and levels of bonus prizes. Some might sound outrightly fake; others might look real, and others might be just right. Differentiating these bonuses might be almost impossible, but here are a few tips on how to find and choose the best bonus for you:

Cashable or Sticky

A bonus is cashable when the platform lets you withdraw this cash immediately after meeting the requirements. These types are always easy to earn.

Sticky bonuses are slightly different from the above; they are called sticky for a reason. Before you invest in any of these platforms, just be sure you can differentiate between these offers.


Even if a website offers you 300% on your first deposit, steer clear of such a bonus if the terms are too high. Go for smaller bonuses with friendlier requirements.

⬇️ How to Claim an Irish Bonus

As an expert review team, we are always here to guide you on the best steps to take regarding the Irish gambling industry. To claim a bonus, follow the guidelines below:

  • ✔ Make sure you read this review for a better understanding of what a good bonus is
  • ✔ Choose one of the best casinos that offer a great bonus prize
  • ✔ Sign up by entering the required details
  • ✔ Once again, read the terms and conditions
  • ✔ Click on the bonus
  • ✔ If there’s a bonus code, now is the time to use it. If not, next to the next step.
  • ✔ Make your deposit, and enjoy!

✅ Pros and Cons ❌

✅ Pros

❌ Cons

  • 👍 You can test out your favourite games for almost free
  • 👍 They enhance your wallet and gameplay
  • 👍 They represent more winning chances
  • 👍 They give a great headstart
  • 👍  The loyalty scheme represents a great reward system
  • 🚫 Steep wagering requirements
  • 🚫 Restrictions on certain games and slots
  • 🚫 Misleading terms


⚖️ Conclusion

Bonuses are a great help to players; it also has many benefits that can not be overemphasized. Despite the many advantages, it is not something you blindly rush into because there are also steep conditions that some casinos stylishly include to trap players.

Thankfully, we have discussed everything you need to know about Irish bonuses, calculating them, and getting the most of them in this review. Also, always remember to read the fine print as it could be the saving grace between a huge win and a terrible loss.

❓ FAQ:

1️⃣ What are Casino Bonuses?

These are promotional offers given by gambling platforms to help you boost your gameplay and make gaming better.

2️⃣ What is the system behind Free Spins?

The process is simple. Once this is given, you fulfill your gambling terms and withdraw as real cash.

3️⃣ Can I Win Money Using a Casino Bonus?

Yes, of course. It happens all the time. If you can meet the conditions, you can withdraw the money as real cash.

4️⃣ Can I Withdraw my Casino Bonus?

Yes, you can. As long as you have met all the necessary terms for the bonuses, you can withdraw when you like.

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